Industrial Products

Commercial inkjet printer heads and ink, microfilm archiving systems, and semiconductor photoresist materials are also Fujifilm products.

Our photographic expertise has led our diversification into photoresist materials and inkjet printing inks. Our understanding of materials has inspired us to make fine-pore filters used in brewing and medicine.


Essential materials for semiconductor chip fabrication

Semiconductors are businesses worth 30 trillion yen a year and three trillion yen from the 30 trillion yen used to make semiconductors *. Some of these important materials – photoresist, growing chemicals, and slurry – are Fujifilm’s products. As semiconductors become more complex, we expand our reach to meet industry needs. Acquisitions accelerate our global expansion.

Since 1983, Fujifilm has created and marketed the photoresist used to sketch small circuits inside the chip. In 2004 we acquired Arch Chemicals Division of Micro Chemical, which develops, manufactures and distributes special products for the semiconductor industry. In 2005, we purchased a 50% stake in Planar Solutions, a leader in CMP slurry (mechanical-mechanical planarization) technology used to polish flat silicon electronic sheets. In 2006, we launched a processing activity in China to make photo-developer chemicals on semiconductor processes.

  • * Estimated figures for 2006.

Inkjet printer heads and inks

As more people and businesses use inkjet printing, we are expanding our ability to satisfy global demand. Besides developing our own new dye and pigment technologies to make inks, we acquired Sericol, a top industrial ink maker, in 2005. Sericol’s high-speed inkjet UV inks harden through exposure to UV light, giving very fast drying times that improve printing productivity. In 2006 we acquired Avecia, a leader in dye and pigment ink products for inkjet printers. And in 2007 we purchased Dimatix, the leading manufacturer of industrial inkjet printer heads. By integrating these areas of expertise, we are developing new higher-quality printing products and strengthening our position in the inkjet market.

[Foto] Kepala printer inkjet menggunakan teknologi piezoelektrik

Industrial inkjet printer head uses piezoelectric technology

Microfilters that make bottled draft beer possible

Fujifilm microfilters are used in many industries. They provide ultra-pure water needed for making LCDs and other electronic components. They filter out yeast from the fermentation of alcoholic beverages, making possible unpasteurized draft beer in bottles and cans. And they are used in pharmaceutical processes — to remove dangerous particles from infusions of Ringer’s solution, for example.

[Foto] Filter mikro digunakan untuk menghilangkan ragi dari bir

Microfilter used to remove yeast from draft beer

X-ray inspection for non-destructive testing

Our digital X-ray systems serve industry as well as medicine. X-rays can reveal interior defects, thereby allowing non-destructive testing (NDT) of products and structures. NDT is ideal for maintaining jet engines and checking the structural integrity of buildings. Fujifilm NDT systems are widely used in the aeronautics, automotive and electrical power generation industries.

[Foto] Sistem pemeriksaaan sinar-X untuk pengujian non-destruktif

Digital X-ray inspection system for non-destructive testing

Microfilm helps manage documents in the digital age

Microfilm has an archival service life of about 500 years. Fujifilm microfilm scanning solutions and films help organizations save and manage information. For cultural treasures and historical documents, high-resolution microfilm enables space-saving archiving and allows more people to view these irreplaceable images safely. Our microfilm solutions include digital integration to let images be viewed on the Internet. Fujifilm has also integrated microfilm into electronic record-keeping systems for government and business.

[Foto] Film mikro menyimpan gambar aset bersejarah dengan aman

Microfilm safely stores images of historical assets

From inkjet printer paper to pressure-measurement film

Our inkjet printing papers are known for their vivid color rendition and image clarity. We also make pressure-sensitive paper used in multipart forms, and heat-sensitive paper used in tiny thermal printers. Our pressure measurement film reveals differences in applied pressure. It is commonly used to check the contact between teeth in dentistry, and to adjust artificial limb interfaces. Industrial applications include tire contact area measurement and automobile collision testing.

[Foto] Kertas printer inkjet Fujifilm

Fujifilm inkjet printing paper