Graphic Systems

We’re driving a digital revolution in commercial printing.

Fujifilm provides advanced solutions for multiple stages of the printing process — from scanning and prepress to platemaking and proofing.


A worldwide player in the printing equipment and materials market

Today’s publishing and printing industries depend on computers and digital technology. Fujifilm offers solutions, including onscreen editing systems and digital image scanners, computer-to-plate (CTP) systems, and proofing systems used to assure quality. We also make supplies and equipment for traditional printing processes.

[Foto] Sistem komputer-ke-pelat

Computer-to-plate system

Making printing plates directly from computer data

Computer-to-plate (CTP) technology lets printing companies make printing plates directly from computer data, skipping the film stage. CTP platesetting is not only faster, but also more precise so colors line up correctly. The commercial printing industry is converting to CTP at a rapid pace. Our new processless and chemistry-free CTP plates are making printing more eco-friendly by reducing waste.

[Grafik] Permintaan yang meningkat untuk sistem komputer-ke-pelat

Increased demand for computer-to-plate systems

Growing to meet global CTP demand

We manufacture offset printing plates in four parts of the world — Japan, the United States, the Netherlands and China. Our two Chinese plants, in Hebei and Jiangsu provinces, are helping meet demand not only in the growing Chinese market, but also worldwide. As we fortify our international manufacturing and sales network, we aim to achieve a dominant share of the global market for CTP plates.

[Foto] Pabrik pelat pencetakan Fujifilm di Suzhou, Provinsi Jiangsu, China.

Fujifilm printing plate factory in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

On-demand printing convenience

On-demand printing allows small print runs of a wide array of content. It is ideal for printing product brochures, targeted direct-mail advertising and self-published books, on an as-needed basis. Data is sent directly from the print server to the printer; no printing plates are required.

[Foto] Server cetak dan pencetak berdasarkan permintaan

On-demand printer and print server

Synergy within the Fujifilm group

Printing system Based on the needs provided by Fuji Xerox, a Fujifilm group company. This system combines color management and print control technology from Fujifilm. Fuji Xerox digital inkjet printing system is an example of synergy. The system uses a water-based ink developed by Fujifilm and a high-resolution, high-speed printer head developed by Fujifilm Dimatix, Inc. The result is a new combination of high-quality, high-speed, and high-format printing capabilities in a single digital printing solution for commercial printing applications. Previous digital printers are not able to achieve production speeds and quality that can be compared with external commercial printing on larger format sheet sizes.