Research & Development

Policy R & D (Research & Development) Basic Fujifilm Group

Fujifilm Group conducts research and development under the following basic policies to achieve growth in priority business fields and to create new businesses.

Integrating Strategies for Business and R & D (Research & Development)

  1. 1.Strengthening the development of new businesses that contribute to improving quality of life.
  2. 2.Growth of existing businesses maintained through new products are innovative.

Research Policy Approach

  1. 1.Deepen and broaden fundamental technology Fujifilm Group.
  2. 2.Creating new value by integrating multiple technologies in various fields.
  3. 3.Increase the group synergy.
  4. 4.Accelerate development.
  5. 5.Enhancing R & D (Research & Development) for each fundamental research and organization.


Fujifilm Group Technology and Business Sector Priorities

Fujifilm Group has a very diverse fundamental technologies, including organic materials and inorganic analysis, thin-film formation and processing, image and software, optics, and mechatronics developed in areas such as materials and difotosintesis xenografi. In addition, we have the core technologies that contribute to the costs and outstanding performance. Fujifilm Group now operates businesses in a variety of fields. Fujifilm implementing technology that combines product design and fundamental core technology to enhance the activity of R & D (Research & Development) in priority business fields while creating new businesses that will shape the future.

For more information on Fujifilm’s Fundamental Technologies, please visit the website of Fujifilm Holdings Corporation.

For more information on Fujifilm’s Research & Development, please visit the Fujifilm Global website.